How To Access Gmail in iPhone Mail

Accessing Gmail in iPhone Mail : Access Gmail in iPhone Mail

With Safari and a superb Gmail web interface on the iPhone, who needs mail in a separate app? You do, if like the speed and style of a dedicated email application and value focus and finesse. It’s easy to set up access to a Gmail or Google Apps email account in iPhone Mail or Access Gmail in iPhone Mail.

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Push Gmail in iPhone Mail

In addition to adding Gmail as an IMAP or POP account as described below, you can also add Gmail as an Exchange account. This lets Gmail push new messages to iPhone Mail but also works for one account only and will replace your existing Exchange account.

Access Gmail in iPhone Mail Using IMAP

To set up IMAP access to Gmail in iPhone Mail:

  1. Make sure IMAP access is enabled for the Gmail account.
  2. Tap Settings on the iPhone Home screen.
  3. Open the Mail category.
  4. Now select Accounts.
  5. Tap Add Account.
  6. Choose Google.
  7. Type the Gmail address for the account you want to add under Sign in with your Google Account.
  8. Tap NEXT.
  9. Now type your Gmail password.
  10. Tap NEXT.
  11. If you have 2-step authentication enabled for your Gmail account:
    1. Enter a code generated by Google Authenticator or received via SMS text message, for example.
    2. Tap NEXT.
  12. Make sure Mail​ is enabled.
    1. You can enable ContactsCalendars and Notes as well, of course, to set up access to your Gmail address book and Google Calendar in iOS as well as synchronize notes through your Gmail account respectively.
  13. Tap Save.
  14. Press the Home button.

If you have set up your Gmail account to work with other email addresses, you can use these to send from iPhone Mail, too or You can Access Gmail in iPhone Mail by contact Gmail Customer Care Number Helpline. 

Moving messages, you can elegantly mark messages as spam, apply labels and more.

Access Gmail in iPhone Mail Using POP

To set up a Gmail account in iPhone Mail:

  1. Make sure POP access is enabled for your Gmail account.
  2. Tap Settings on the iPhone Home screen.
  3. Go to Mail.
  4. Tap Add Account.
  5. Choose Other.
  6. Tap Add Mail Account.
  7. Type your name.
  8. Enter your full Gmail email address.
  9. Type your Gmail password.
  10. Tap Next.
  11. Now tap POP so it is selected.
  12. Enter for Host Name under Incoming Mail Server.
  13. Type your full Gmail address for User Name under Incoming Mail Server.
  14. Enter for Host Name under Outgoing Mail Server.
  15. Tap your Gmail email address under User Name for the Outgoing Mail Server.
  16. Enter your Gmail password again for Password under Outgoing Mail Server.
  17. Tap Save.
  18. Now tap the newly added Gmail account.
  19. Tap under Outgoing Mail Server.
  20. Select again under Primary Server.
  21. Enter 465 under Server Port (instead of what may be preset).
  22. Tap Done.

Avoid Getting Copies of Messages You Send from iPhone Mail

Note that you will get copies of all mail you send from iPhone Mail through your Gmail account. It is best to ignore and delete these.

You can try disabling Gmail’s “recent” mode to avoid getting these copies, but this option is best used only when you don’t access your Gmail account from another email program or mobile device at the same time.

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